What are Springtime allergies? Herbal Medicine For Springtime Allergies

By | May 8, 2017
  • By Matt Butler
    • Springtime allergies?  experts share best herbal remedies for Springtime allergies

    • That’s the tricky thing, all these substances, they have pros and cons, reasons to use them and not use them,” she said, also noting the way Western cultures can be susceptible to jumping on health trends. “Part of that is our culture, we find something is good and then you take tons of it and then you get sick. In Asian cultures, they have a tendency towards moderation, and these Chinese medicines have been used for thousands and thousands of years.”
      The federal government’s stance on alternative medicine is tepid, and official pages on Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health say the effectiveness of both has not been able to be proven or disproven yet, noting most research efforts have been inconclusive or fundamentally flawed in procedure. Regardless, Lewis said her faith in nature is what led her to years of study in the field, instead of taking a more traditional Western medicine route. 
      “Just that philosophy in nature, the healing power of nature,” Lewis said. “I was using plants to heal myself for colds and flus, and they worked and I just really enjoyed that, like combining herbs and making teas for myself. I was reading about it all the time.”
      Lewis has a PADMA office in Ithaca on West Buffalo Street, which includes several practitioners as well as locations in Binghamton and Oneonta as well. She said there is not much difference in terms of products sold among the locations, though Ithacans seem more willing to use the products routinely, as opposed to solely consulting her after an ailment has arisen. 
      “I think people in Ithaca tend to be a little more health conscious, and because of that they’re more likely to come see me preventatively,” she said. “Which is great, it works for both, but it’s nice to get to work with someone preventatively.”
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