About Us

Kamal Homeo Clinic-Homeopathic Doctor On Line

Kamal Homeo Clinic has a modern and scientific face of homeopathy. Kamal Homeo Clinic wants to humbly take credit to expand the benefits of homeopathic healing by hundreds of families. Kamal Homeo Clinic has been active in the promotion of homeopathy in society.

Our Mission and Vision:

The mission of Kamal Homeo Clinic is to develop the highest standards of homeopathic medical practice and to do the best homeopathic treatment accessible to anyone. Realize the full potential of homeopathy and translate into benefits for patients.

Our vision is to use high standards and measures to bring homeopathy to conventional medicine in homeopathy delivering life-changing homeopathy.


*  Kamal Homeo Clinic offers genuine and sincere advice to do all research for homeopathic treatment.

* We do not force anyone to decide treatment.

* Explain the scope and limitations of the treatment of a condition based on the extent and stage of the disease.

* We do not promise

* We will only treat patients who believe that we can help to some extent.

We appreciate the commitment, integrity, honesty, commitment, and responsibility.